In my work as a Life Coach and Mentor with emphasis on connecting with Nature, the Heart, the Emotions and the Body, I connect with clients Long Distance, as well as here at Gates of Inanna Ranch, where we work with our horses in Equine Guided Sessions.

My role as a Life Coach and Mentor is to guide clients to face and dismantle disempowering beliefs, stories, wounds and fears, which reveals the hidden gifts in every occurrence, and to implement practices that encourage curiosity, joy, happiness, and the ability to be comfortable in not knowing.

Working with horses in Equine Guided Sessions opens the heart and helps us reconnect with the intelligence of the body, the emotions, and our energetic field. Our beloved Animal Companions are here to teach us many important life lessons. Mother Nature grounds, heals us, and reveals the beauty and interconnectedness in everything.

Having studied the mind/body connection through the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates for over two decades, combined with my experience as an avid equestrian and wild horse expert, I help individuals develop Heart and Emotional Intelligence by guiding them to feel the vibration they are emitting, which engenders the courage to embrace vulnerability, compassion and authenticity.

Much love, 

Deborah Inanna Krenza
Gates of Inanna Ranch
Lyons, Colorado